We are so excited to offer you our
transformative and heart-opening 1-Day exclusive Women's Workshop.

Step into a sanctuary of healing and empowerment with other like-minded women, where you'll unlock the radiant potential within you and emerge renewed, inspired, and deeply connected.

Date: Saturday June 8th, 2024
Location: Elysian Holistic Centre, 66 Clark Road, Neutral Bay, NSW, 2060
Duration: 10:30am - 4:30 pm


  • 2 x Women's Circles
  • 1 x Creative Expression Workshop 
  • 1 x Cacao ceremony
  • Guided meditations and sound bowls
  • Body scan
  • Nourishing and wholesome vegan snacks, lunch & drinks
  • Goodie bag worth over $55

Investment in self: $197

What to expect:

As you arrive to the beautiful and calming space, we will welcome you with a hot drink as you meet the other women before gathering for our opening women's circle and cacao ceremony to drop into our heart space. This opening circle will also include a guided meditation to connect to our intuition in order to set intentions for the day and for ourselves. 

Next, we will be partaking in a creative expression workshop where you can expect to enter a supportive space of play, exploration, rest and respite. Multiple modalities of creativity and expression will be made available for you to explore and engage with. This 2 hour workshop is a truly transformative and life-changing container.

We will take moments between the circles and workshops to fill up our cups, check in with ourselves and connect with the other women

After a nourishing and delicious vegan lunch, we will lie down for a grounding body scan before we finish with an uplifting closing women's circle to integrate the day, and to connect back to ourselves and feel empowered before the day comes to an end.

🌟Ignite Your Inner Light: Delve into transformative circles and guided sessions designed to awaken your inner wisdom and spark profound shifts. From meditation to creative expression, experience powerful practices that illuminate your path.

🌿Harmonize Body and Mind: Through soulful ceremonies, reconnect with the essence of who you are and cultivate a deeper sense of self-love.

🌸 Forge Authentic Connections: Share stories, laughter, and tears with a circle of soulful sisters who walk this transformative journey alongside you. Cultivate deep connections and sisterhood bonds that uplift, inspire, and support you long after the day ends.

🌼 Embrace Your True Essence: Let go of old patterns, fears, and limitations as you embrace your authentic self with courage and compassion. Rediscover your inner strength, reclaim your power, and step boldly into the life you were meant to live.

Join us for a sacred gathering of women committed to personal growth and transformation. Open your heart, awaken to the fullness of who you are, and let your light shine brighter than ever before.

We have a limited number of spaces available for this 1 day workshop to ensure we can create an intimate and sacred connection. 

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